Exercise Equipment Review

Trainers Exercise Equipment Picks

I'm taking a bit of a departure from my other exercise equipment reviews here.

My Trainer's Picks are my personal favorite pieces of exercise equipment that would make a good fit in almost any home gym.

There are no criteria as to why I made each pick, I'm just giving you a wish list of equipment I'm planning on adding to my home gym as my budget allows, or when I get bored with the stuff I've already got...

I already have a pretty nice home gym setup, but I always have my eye on the new equipment, ready to make an upgrade when the budget allows.

I kind of feel like a kid at Christmas making a list of toys I hope Santa Claus will put under my tree!..

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Ab Machine Exercise Balls - If you're ready for a killer ab workout and you're bored with ab machines - try an exercise ball. You won't believe how much your abs will burn when you get done working out on one of these babies!
Elliptical Trainer Sole E95 Elliptical - The new Sole ellipticals are about as nice as you'll find for the money, and the E95 looks, and performs, as though it costs thousands more - a great elliptical trainer to be sure.
Exercise Bike Schwinn 213 Recumbent Bike - The best exercise bike under $500 with a super comfortable seat. You could spend twice this much and not get much more for your money.
Home Gym Body Solid G6B - The new Body Solid home gym line is really sweet, and I especially like the G6B for it's smaller size, ergonomic design and versatility, not to mention the lifetime warranty...
Treadmill Smooth 7.1hr Treadmill - I really think Smooth makes some great treadmills, and the 7.1hr is a powerhouse in the mid-level market that packs enough punch for serious runners, and won't drain your wallet either.