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Strength Training Equipment Reviews

If you're looking for the best Strength Training Equipment and reviews you can find them here organized by type including : Dumbbells, Lat Machine, Leg Press, Olympic Weights, Smith Machine, Squat Machine, Squat Rack, and Weight Bench.

Strength training equipment used to be reserved for hard core muscle heads and power lifters, but oh how times have changed.

Today people finally understand the benefits of strength training and are putting gym quality equipment in their home gyms to reap the benefits of added muscle tone and functional strength.

When you step up from using a traditional home gym and discover the joy and benefits of quality Strength Training Equipment, you'll never go back to an over priced home gym again, trust me.

Strength Training Equipment Reviews by Type:

A good set of dumbbells is a must for every gym. Choose from standard dumbbells, hex dumbbells and the new selectorized dumbbells like Bowflex selecttech, and Powerblock.

Lat Machine
If you want to build a strong powerful back, you need to get a good lat machine for your gym. They're also good for doing low rows, curls and tricep work.

Leg Press
A leg press or hip sled is a good option for those who don't like to do squats. Also known as a hip sled.
Olympic Weights
Don't bother monkeying around with standard weights, all the good Strength Training Equipment uses Olympic weights. Find out who makes the best weights for your gym, and where to get them.
Smith Machine
If you're strength training alone a Smith machine can be a life saver. No more need for a spotter. Check out the new Smith machines, I think you'll be surprised how nice they are.
Squat Machine
Some people refuse to do squats, now there's hope for them. Check out some of the cool new squat machines for a great leg workout you can do at home in complete safety with no need for a spotter.
Squat Rack
A squat rack is a great piece to build your entire home gym around. They're extremely versatile and can be added to over time with options like lat towers, dip handles and low row stations.
Weight Bench
A good adjustable weight bench should be your first investment for your home gym. Don't skimp on the quality or features here, as it's the foundation of a great home gym.