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If you're looking for rowing machine reviews you can find them organized by manufacturer including: Bodycraft, Concept2, Kettler, Stamina, Tunturi, Precor, Phoenix and Schwinn.

A good rowing machine can help keep you in shape during the winter, and is a good option for serious rowers who need to train and keep their muscles active when not in the water.

You may not need a new rowing machine for exercise, if that's the case you can find used rowing machines online that are a good value as some rowers are bought by people with good intentions that never end up using them.

When you see this symbol () next to an rowing machine review it means the specific model of rower is recommended and is a class leader in its respective category of price and budget.

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Rowing Machine Reviews by Manufacturer:

BodyCraft Rowing Machine BodyCraft vr100 Rowing Machine Review
Concept 2 Rowing Machine Concept 2 Rowing Machine Review
Kettler Rowing Machine Kettler Coach Rowing Machine Review
Phoenix Rowing Machine Phoenix makes pretty basic rowers for the home user. You may have seen the Phoenix rower they sell on QVC...
Precor Rowing Machine You've all seen the Precor equipment at the health club. They make some of the best elliptical trainers on the market. Will Precor ever make a rowing machine again? Only time will tell...until then checkout the Bodycraft VR100 Rowing Machine
Schwinn Rowing Machine Schwinn Rowing Machine Review
Stamina Rowing Machine Stamina Air ATS Rowing Machine Review
Tunturi Rowing Machine Tunturi Rowing Machine Review