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Bowflex Motivator Review

Bowflex Motivator Gym
Manufacturer Bowflex
Price Est. $599
Compare To

Weider Crossbow
Bowflex Extreme 2

Bowflex Ultimate 2
Bowflex Revolution

Reason Multiple exercises , can buy cheaper than othe models
Special Features Power rod technology
Gym Size Includes Weight Stack?/Amount # of Exercises Warranty
84"D x 40"W x 83" H Yes/210 lbs 50 n/a

Bowflex Motivator Review

The Bowflex Motivator Gym falls sqarely at the bottom of the Bowflex pile and is not sold on the Bowflex website. It's sold independantly through larger online retailers like Amazon.

If you've been scared off buying a Bowflex because of the higher price of some of their club quality models like the Extreme 2, Ultmiate 2 or Revolution, don't despair - Bowflex has not forgotten about you!

Bowflex is now selling a stripped down model of there upsacle gyms at internet retailers that is similar to the original Bowflex Power Pro in the early years.

The Bowflex Motivator and Motivator 2 offer a standard 210 pounds of power rod resistance and come with the ability to do over 50 exercises right out of the box.

Key Specs on the Bowflex Motivator Gym:

  • 210-lbs of smooth Power Rod® resistance (can't upgrade)
  • Sliding seat rail for aerobic rowing and leg presses
  • Heavy duty steel frame construction
  • Bench Press Station
  • Butterfly for a complete pectoral workout
  • High Pulley Station for working your lats and back
  • Exercise Chart Included

The Motivator offers a decent amount of workout function and variety for the lower price, but it does sacrifice some key features to keep the price down as low as it is...

The most glaring ommission is the lack of adjustability of the bench and pulleys and also the fact that you CAN NOT upgrade the power rods to anything more than the standard 210 pounds.

If you're on a tight budget and can't afford one of the better Bowflex gyms, the Bowflex Motivator is worth a look...

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