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Home gyms come in a variety of flavors these days, from hard-core old time barbell sets and simple Olympic benches, to some of the newer machines from Bowflex and Life Fitness that look like they were developed for the space program.

So how do you find the right home gym for yourself? It's really not that hard to compare home gyms when you see the expansive resources are I've compiled for you below.

To help you find and buy the best home gym for you home, I've put together a large resources are that will answer all your questions and show you how to save money in the process.

In the Home Gyms area here you'll find links to all the key areas of home gym research such as home gym reviews, my home gym guide, and the best home gyms for the money.

Home Gym Resources:

Home Gym Guide
Learn the difference between plate loaded home gyms and selectorized home gyms. Get the inside scoop on what to look for in each of the key home gym components: Home gym size, number of exercises, ergonomics, price and effectiveness.

Home Gym Reviews
Home Gyms come in all shapes and sizes and fall all over the map price wise. Take the mystery out of your nest home gym purchase and research all of the popular home gyms from Weider, Body Solid, Total Gym, Powertec, BodyCraft and more.

Best Home Gym
If you're looking for the best home gym, I'll help you out by breaking down my home gym picks by price range and size, to help you remove all the guess work in making your home gym purchase decision.

Home Gym Ratings
In the Home Gym Rating area, I'll show you how to make comparisons between models and price ranges so you can rest assured you get the best home gym that meets your individual needs and budget.

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