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Edge 491 Recumbent Bike Review

Edge 491 Recumbent Bike
Manufacturer Fitness Quest
Price Est. $319
Compare To Schwinn 201 Exercise Bike
Schwinn 203 Exercise Bike
Schwinn 212 Exercise Bike
Reebok RB 345 Exercise Bike
Reason Short warranty, Schwinn 203 better value for money
Special Features Backlit display, 2 heart rate controlled workouts
# of Programs Adjustable Resistance Heart Rate Monitor? Warranty
12 Yes/magnetic Yes/pulse grip 90 Days

Fitness Quest Edge 491 Recumbent

The Fitness Quest Edge 491 Recumbent is a bike you might consider if you're sticking around the under $400 price range, but it comes up short when compared to similar Schwinn models like the 201 and 203 recumbents...

It offers a couple of features that you woldn't expect in this price range. The big draw here is that the Edge 491 recumbent gives you 2 heart rate controlled workouts.

Fitness Quest is known for packing a lot of features into their exercise equipment, but they often times miss the mark on quality, and fit and finish.

There is no exception here with the Edge 491. It does offer similar features as the Reebok, New Balance and Schwinn bikes, but with a short warranty and some cheap parts, this model needs improvement before I can give it a 'buy' recommendation.

All in all the Fitness Quest Edge 491 Recumbent is a decent package for the money and is made by the same company that brought us the Total Gym, Ab Lounge and the Gazelle Elliptical trainer...

I recommend checking out the Schwinn 203 and Reebok Rb 345 in this price range for a better value...


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