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Whether it's raining cats and dogs, or the thermometer is melting down the wall on another 95 degree day, it won't be any of your concern - because you have an stationary exercise bike in your home gym!

Exercise bikes are a fun way to get your cardio workout. The great thing is while you're pedaling your exercise bike you can listen to music, watch TV or even read a magazine.

Unlike the old-time exercise bikes, the new breed of exercise bikes are smooth and quiet. They offer either an upright or recumbent seating position, preprogrammed workouts, cardio pulse sensors and even magazine racks and drink holders.

To help you buy the right exercise bike for your home gym, I've put together a huge collection of resources that covers every aspect of each exercise bike that may be on your shopping list.

Exercise Bike Resources:

Exercise Bike Guide
Learn the difference between an upright exercise bike and recumbent exercise bike, exercise bike workout programs, exercise bike comfort and adjustability, magnetic resistance and warranty information.

Recumbent Exercise Bike vs Upright Exercise Bike
There is an age old debate about which type of bike you should buy to get the best workout. Is it a better bet to get a recumbent exercise bike, or an upright execise bike? Find out here...

Exercise Bike Reviews
Exercise bikes come in all shapes and sizes (and many price ranges too), search my exercise bike reviews and find the best exercise bike to meet your fitness goals. Exercise bikes reviewed include: proform, schwinn, reebok, tunturi, edge and nordictrack + many more.

Best Exercise Bike
If you're looking for the best stationary exercise bike I'll help steer you (no pun intended) in the right direction so you don't make a costly mistake. Exercise bikes are broken down by manufacturer for easy reference.

Exercise Bike Ratings
Making exercise bike ratings is pretty straightforward. I'll show you how to make comparisons between models and price ranges so you can rest assured you get the bike that meets your individual needs.

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