Elliptical Trainer Review

Proform 700 Elliptical Review

Proform 700s Cardiocross Elliptical Trainer
Manufacturer Proform
Price Est. $299
Compare To Proform 900 Elliptical
Reebok 525 Elliptical

Gazelle Freestyle Elliptical
Yes *see review
Reason ellipticals under $300 not worth the money...
Special Features none
# of Programs Adjustable Resistance Heart Rate Monitor? Upper Body Handlebars? Warranty
6 Yes/Belt pulse Yes 90 Days

Proform 700s Cardiocross

* I am hesitant to endorse any elliptical trainer in this price range, but if you have less than $300 to spend, the Proform 700 elliptical is a decent choice for the following reasons...

I am aware that the Proform 700 is a very popular elliptical trainer, but I do feel there are better elliptical machines for the money that cost just a couple hundred dollars more, and will most likely outlast the Proform 700 elliptical in the long run...

I'm not trying to knock the Proform 700, thousands of people have bought one. And it generally gets good reviews from consumers, but...

The fact is, that when you compare a popular model such as the Proform 700 to a better designed, feature rich elliptical trainer, , it becomes pretty obvisous that you should increase your budget and wait to buy an elliptical trainer like the Proform 1280, instead of just buying a Proform 700 elliptical because it's all the cash you have on hand...


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