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Tony Little Gazelle Review

Tony Little Gazelle
Manufacturer Tony Little
Price Est. $199
Compare To Weslo 745 Elliptical Trainer
Weslo Momentum 750
Proform 700 Elliptical
Proform 900 Elliptical
Yes (beginner only)
Reason Zero impact, low cost.
Special Features Folds flat to store easily. Free workout video included.
# of Programs Adjustable Resistance Heart Rate Monitor? Upper Body Handlebars? Warranty
n/a No Yes Yes 1 Year

Tony Little Gazelle Review

I'm recommending the Gazelle Freestlye? Have I gone completely mad? If you're not a hardcore workout junkie, I really think you're going to like the Gazelle. You just get on and go. No knobs to adjust, and no noise. You almost feel like you're floating, it's kinda cool.

I know that Tony Little guy is sort of corny, but his product is pretty good for under $200 bucks.

Not only can you get your cardio done, but depending on which of the 10 exercises you perform, you can get some strength training into your workout as a bonus.

The Gazelle Freestyle feels very sturdy, even when you really crank on it. The frame is made of aluminum and can safely support up to 350 pounds.

Some people have knocked the Gazelle because it starts to squeek in the pedals after extended use, but that's because they haven't done any maintainance or used any lubricant on their machine.

I have a $3500 elliptical machine in my home gym, and guess what? It squeeks some times when I don't have the rails lubricated, DUH!

If you're a die hard workout not, the Gazelle isn't for you - you'd be better off shopping in the $1000 plus price range but, if you're strapped for cash, or just looking to have some fun on a unique elliptical trainer, you should take a close look at the Tony Little Gazelle Freestyle...


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