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Best Home Gym

Here are my picks for best home gym. To get the best home gym rating, it had to meet the criteria set forth in my home gym guide.

The best home gyms are broken down into categories to help you choose the right gym for your budget.

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Best Home Gyms By Price and Type

Best Budget Home GymBodylastics Resistance Band Gym - Tight on cash and need a great workout? Try the Bodylastics gym for a killer budget home gym that won't break the bank.
Circuit Training

Home Gym
Bodycraft Xpress - A great choice for circuit training, core training and sport specific training with nice adjustability and patented cams that simulate free weight exercise without the risk of injury to the user.
Best Home Gym
Under $200
TRX Suspension Trainer - The TRX Suspension Trainer is a body weight and core training gym that blow all the other wanna be Walmart and Weider home gyms out of the water for 1/3 the price.
Best Home Gym
Under $500
Total Trainer Power Pro - You're not going to find a better value under $500 dollars than the Total Trainer Power Pro. It's not even a close competition (not recommended for body building).
Best Home Gym
Bowflex Sport - The Bowflex Sport is a nice home gym to get on a limited budget. Most other home gyms in this price range are very limited in both the number of exercises you can perform, and have a small (or no) weight stack.
Best Home Gym
Body Solid EXM 1500 - Good bang for the buck. The Body Solid 1500 gym does a lot of things more expensive gyms will, and the best part is, it won't take up a whole room in your home!
Best Home Gym
*Small Footprint*
Body Solid G4I - You want to talk health club quality? Go look at your local health club, chances are they have a Body Solid machine. Simulates free weights and comes standard with 420 lbs of resistance.
Best Home Gym
*Muscle Building*
$801 - 1399
Powertec WorkBench Multigym - The big brother of the Powertec Leverage System Gym. Three independent leverage stations. Best gym for serious strength training and power sports training.