Exercise Equipment Review

Best Ab Machine

Here are my picks for best ab machine. To get the best ab machine rating, it had to meet the criteria set forth in my ab machine guide.

If you need more information on any of the ab machines shown here, make sure to read my ab machine reviews.

The ab machine picks are for the under $25, over $25, ab workout video and best alternative ab machine as well so find the category that suits your needs best.

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Best Ab Machine by Type

Best Ab Machine
Under $25
Ab Slide - The best ab machine under $25 dollars was a pretty simple choice. The ab slide wins hands down for effectiveness and low cost. It targets all three portions of the abs and is easy on your joints and back.
Best Ab Machine
Over $25
Torso Track II - Good value for the money. The Troso Track II has adjustable resistance and a smooth motion that's easy to learn and use.
Best Ab Workout Video8 Minute Abs - The ab workout video that started the entire ab craze. Still the best ab video on the market.
Best Alternative Ab MachineExercise Balls - If you're ready for a killer ab workout and you're bored with ab machines, try an exercise ball. You won't believe how much your abs will burn when you get done working out on one of these babies!