Exercise Equipment Review

Ab Machine Buyer's Guide

Ab machines are still the biggest sellers of all exercise equipment.

Everyone wants to get six pack abs, and show off their washboard stomach to their friends at the pool.

The biggest problem faced by many people when they're deciding to buy an Ab Machine is trying to overcome all of the hype and BS you see on those ab machine infommercials.

So what exactly makes for an effective ab machine? That's exactly what you're going to find out in my Ab Machine Buyers Guide.

Here's what you need to know about ab machines:

Targeting The Ab Muscles (most important)
Before we dive into the rest of my ab machine guide, there is one crucial factor that your ab machine must do, or you can take the rest of this guide and chuck it out the window.

Your ab machine must effectively target all of your ab muscles and obliques!

Sounds pretty straight forward, right? I mean why would you even consider buying an ab machine that didn't target your entire abdominal section? I tell you why. Lots of people get sucked into the glitz and glam of those infommercials and forget the basic principles of common sense.

If the ab machine your're considering does not target the entire abdominal region, cross it off your list and keep looking.

Comfort and Adjustability
The comfort and adjustability of your ab machine should be the second item on your ab machine buyers checklist.

Most of the ab machines in my ab machine reviews faired pretty well in the comfort and adjustablity department. There were a couple of exceptions though.

No matter how effectively an ab machine targets your abs (see above), if it kills your back when you use it - how often do you think your going to be using your new ab machine to get those six pack?

Make sure you take a close look at the design and motion of the ab machine. If it looks like you have to twist up like a pretzel to use it - again, cross it off your list and keep looking.

Price (least important)
In my other exercise equipment reviews, I had price listed as the #1 factor for making a buying decision. Most ab machines fall into the under $100 price range (and 2 of the best machines I recommend are under $50), so I don't think price alone should be the biggest factor in your buying decision.

If you're really strapped for cash, and are looking for an ab machine you should take a close look at the ab slide. It's my pick for ab machines that cost under $30 dollars.

If you're budget allows a little bit more, check out the Torso Track II. That's a great ab machine for the money, and it won't totally drain your back account either.

The Bottom Line
Check out each ab machine in my ab machine reviews and make sure it fits the criteria we just covered in my ab machine buyer's guide. If it does, you know that you're not going to get ripped off.

Go see my Ab Machine Reviews where I review all of the most popular ab machines on today's market.