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Torso Track II Review

Torso Track II
Manufacturer Torso Track
Price Est. $40
Compare To Ab Away Pro
Ab Doer
Ab Swing
Ab Twister
Reason Not made anymore.
Special Features 3 levels of resistance, fits under your bed.
Eating Plan Included? Includes Instruction Video? # of Exercises Comfortable To Use?
no instruction guide 1 yes

Torso Track II Review

The Torso Track II was a decent ab machine when it was still manufactured, but those days have come and gone.

Just like most ab machines, the Torso Track had a nice run but has since lost favor to new ab machines like the twist and crunch and the infamous ab lounge.

It had multiple resistance levels wass good for beginners and advanced exercisers.

The Torso Track II also had a high build quality. The design of the ab machine really helped you keep you in the correct form while you're working out.

The Torso Track II delivered a great ab workout that targeted all three areas of your abs; upper abs, middle abs and lower abs and even the obliques.

Best of all, you could get a Torso Track II for a relative bargain...


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